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What is Shadow Chain Maille

Well it started in 2012 I was looking for a new hobby. Chainmaille interested me. But I wanted to take that concept of linking metal rings with a more modern feel. 

I have evolved my style over the last few years.  A lot of my chainmaille has no resemblance traditional chainmail at all. 

I did some bead jewelry but there wasn’t a lot of passion in it for me. Everyone is doing beads. 

Then my next adventure has been resin jewelry. This has been a fun step. Completely different than the chainmaille. 

Next step for resin is memorial jewelry  

I can encase a memory of a loved one or special event in resin. This could be a pendent, beads, earrings, or even paperweights.  

Ashes, dried flowers, a small clipping of hair from a child’s first haircut lots of options. Photos can be sized to be embedded into the jewelry.   

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Shadow Chain Maille

If you have an idea of something I don't have on my site contact me I do commissioned work.

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Terms & Conditions Warranty

I take great pride in standing behind what I make. I do realize that sometimes things happen. I have seen clasp break. Not a part I make but I have no issue replacing them if they were defective. Sometimes the rings I get have a bad one from time to time. Most of the time I catch them when making an item. But if one did make it into a piece of jewelry I make. I would want to try to resolve that.   

What I will cover.

- If an item is not the correct size. I list lengths when I post an item. 

- If you order something, then want it resized. I will resize it for a $5 charge. This is mainly to cover shipping and handling.  

- Clasp breakage. I will replace any defective clasp once in the first 60 days after purchase.  

What I don’t cover.

Lost jewelry – I have no control over that.  Dog at my jewelry – I have no control over that. But after a day or two keep looking they will give it back. See Care and cleaning of jewelry  

- My kids broke my jewelry – I have no control over that.  

- Pirates or Ninjas stole my jewelry – I have no control over that but if I hear of any pirates or Ninjas trying to sell my jewelry. I will pass their information to you.  

- Item is not quite the color you expected it to be. I have spent great effort to take photos to show the accurate color as closely as possible. Photographing jewelry is not an exact science.   

Custom orders

If you see something you would like made differently or if you find something online else where that I don't have listed. 

Email Me:

Upcome events

  6th Annual Artisan Craft Fair 

Hermitage Presbyterian Church 

421 Highland View Dr., Hermitage, TN 37076 October 7, 2017 9:00am—4:00pm  

Nashville Exotic Pet Expo - October 21-22

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